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Of Child Eyed Bombers, and Daffodils


Of Child Eyed Bombers, and Daffodils by Wendie Hansen   You’ve loved them too, perhaps. people, young or old with eyes like that, they have sat at my table and I at theirs and I have visited their eyes and loved them.   So while thousands watched, and tweeted, justifiably enraged, rightly fearful, not defeated, while the mother fucker Child ... Read More »

In The Early Snow

snow tree

Come such magical moment as these, ones that , for the moment, obscure the burden of heavy snow fall, and make us children.  Make us smile. Again.         Image by Tanit Sakakini 12/29/12 Cambridge, MA Read More »

Andalusia, Spain: The Cross and Crescent-Audio PostCard


Andalusia, Spain: The Cross and Crescent-Audio PostCard   Please click the player above to listen to this sound-rich, Audio PostCard from Andalusia, Spain When Europe was groping its way through the Dark Ages, 10th century Islamic Spain, Andalusia, was considered the jewel of the world. Christianity and Judaism mixed easily with Islam, and no where else in Europe were the ... Read More »

Babymoons, Booties and B&Bs

Babymoons, Booties and B&Bs Jennifer and Craig Ruckert, a very attractive 30 something couple were sitting in front of a terrific fire, enjoying some great cheeses and local wines, a regular pre-dinner ritual  at the Tidewater Inn, in the laid back, classy Connecticut shore town of Madison. Except Jennifer wasn’t drinking wine. She was nursing a sparkling-something drink because she’s ... Read More »

Images of Fall

Images of Fall The magic and mystery of Fall can be found in so many places…late Fall is haunting in the Isle of Skye Breath stealing, in Sedona We almost take Fall for granted here in New England, but I found her playing beautifully with the morning frost in Cedar Falls, Ohio. then dancing a last dance by the ocean…here ... Read More »


Suppose we had no olives No wine No rich, crusted bread No love Olives. What is it about them that’s so sensual, satisfying? Read More »

Cats in the Garden in the Morning

Cats in the Garden In the slight cool thin morning breeze in my backyard garden The cats’ faces side by side One walking through ankle high plants in imitation of her long ago parents slouching through the jungle low and menacing toward unlucky Prey or hopefully a watering Hole The other big faced and bigger eyed taking in the warmth ... Read More »

Best Picks for Summertime Travel Novels

Summertime Travel Novels It’s summer “ and the reading should be easy,” so I came up with a short list of a few travel novels that I found especially rich and exciting. Very often a travel novel is a far better read than a guide book. It creates a vividness and depth of a town or village or city more ... Read More »

Still Searching for bin Laden’s End


Still Searching for bin Laden’s End Megan Mcardle writing in The Atlantic says that if revenge is a dish best served cold, she finds the death of Osama bin Laden pretty unsatisfying. It’s not that she regrets his death on moral or even tactical grounds, it’s just that, as she sees it, those that bin Laden killed are still dead ... Read More »

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