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Getting High in Jamaica

Getting High in Jamaica I was pretty terrified. Weak knees, breath-holding terrified. I was standing on the edge of small tree platform high above the Jamaican rain forest, looking down at all the treetops. About eye level with the birds. With the forest canopy beneath me, the guides from Chukka Tours expertly snapped all the hooks and cables in place ... Read More »

FAA Downgrades Mexico’s Airline Safety Rating


FAA Downgrades Mexico’s Airline Safety Rating The Associated Press announced Tuesday that Mexicana de Aviacion, known to millions of sun seeking, Mexico-bound travelers as “Mexicana” filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. and Mexico after pilots and flight attendants rejected a pay cut and layoffs. Just days before, reports AOL Travel, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) downgraded Mexico’s aviation safety ... Read More »

Faces I love: Central America

Travel is not really about places and things and things to see. Somehow it always comes down to the people. To the faces. I can always recall the Eiffel Tower; but I need to remember the faces that I was close to Panama, Belize,Nicaragua From Kaleel ftp etc From Kaleel ftp etc From Kaleel ftp etc Read More »

Nicaragua: An Authentic Destination

From Kaleel ftp etc In a ramshackle yet proud artisan studio in the dusty town of San Juan de Oriente, a young boy about 15 casts pots using his feet for power on an old throw wheel. The wheel hums, the clay spins and the pottery that evolves is astonishingly intricate yet elegantly simple. His younger sister tends to a ... Read More »

Traveling the Amazon River: Adventure & Family Bonding

Traveling the Amazon River Fan us at: Join the conversation at: There’s so much to do and see and experience on the Amazon River that it’s tempting to forget there are programs and journeys designed to engage the family and provide authentic, family travel memories and bonding. Aqua Expeditions offers just such an journey along Peru’s incredible Amazon ... Read More »

Machu Picchu: Mystery, Wonder and Peru

Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, is one of South America’s most magnificent and authentic destinations. Once a royal palace built by an Incan ruler, Machu Picchu sits like a mysterious city eight thousand feet above the sea. Peru’s most famous site, Machu Picchu, is one of the wonders of the world with its two hundred buildings ... Read More »

Geocaching: Geting Lost and Finding Treasures

From Drop Box So, we crossed the wooden Cornish-Windsor Bridge from Vermont into New Hampshire, just over a narrow section of the Connecticut River. It’s the longest covered bridge in the world. The bright yellow, hand-held Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) said we were here. But “here” was a dusty shoulder off a winding country road pretty much in the middle ... Read More »

Forced to Travel for Medical Attention!

Forced to Travel Abroad for Medical Attention? From Kaleel ftp etc Interesting response to our Medical Tourism Blog from Adam who pointed out that dental treatment in many East European countries is very much cheaper than equivalent treatment here in the States. And Adam assures that the dentists or oral surgeons are as qualified as their US counterparts. We don’t ... Read More »

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