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Travel, or Refrigerators and Stoves?


Travel, or Refrigerators and  Stoves So, it was an easy chat with a friend who knew I had something to do with the travel biz. He knew I traveled. He knew I produced content (videos, Audio PostCards, travel news reports, trends) for our own site, New Media Travel,  Technorati Travel,  Tripatini, and others. But he was fixated on the actual ... Read More »

Social Media Drives East Europe Indie Travel w/Video


Social Media Drives East Europe Indie Travel (please watch the Video PostCard here or below) By Hardie Karges Twenty years after the fall of Communism, tourism is finally on the rise in Eastern Europe, and for those in the know, it’s the number one tourist destination in the world—cheap, beautiful, and friendly.  So why is it so hard to find ... Read More »

Spend It Like Beckham or Why Men Need Spas Too


  Spend It Like Beckham or Why Men Need Spas Too By Debbi K. Kickham (Guest Author) with Kaleel Sakakeeny Back in 2004, the movie Cellular featured a character –  a cop –  who was about to retire.  Was he going to spend his newly-found free time hunting, fishing, or traveling the world? No.  He was going to open a ... Read More »

The Cross, The Crescent and The Sounds of Andalusia, Spain


5_Audi___Spain Audio Travel Postcard: Andalusia, Spain   Please click the player above to travel to Andalusia via the Sounds of Spain This Spain Audio and Video Postcard takes travelers on a trip to Andalusia, Spain, to  Grenada and Seville, among the country’s most authentic cites The Postcards are a unique video travel experience, taking viewers through the exciting cities of ... Read More »

Best Travel Deals to the USA


Best Travel Deals to the USA Planning a Vacation in the USA is not easy  because the country is so vast and diverse, with its two coasts, the heartland mid-west, the south, and everything in between. So the cities and landscapes make the list of potential vacation options impossible to condense into a single list. From the sights, sounds and ... Read More »

Audio PostCard: Security Issues for Women Traveling Alone


women traveling safely Please click the Audio Player above to hear the Audio PostCard on Women Traveling Alone Security Issues for Women Road Warriors Traveling Alone Hi. I’m Wendie Hansen at new media travel and today’s podcast is all about women traveling alone. First, We don’t like the image of the helpless woman or woman as victim. It’s wrong and ... Read More »

Grand Manan : One of Canada’s Top Ten Islands


Grand Manan : One of Canada’s Top Ten Islands (Please watch the Grand Manan 1- minute Travel Video PostCard at the end of this post) It’s certainly tempting to think of Grand Manan as God’s shrug of land surrounded by a vast, changing and beautiful sea. There is something about these small fishing villages on islands that holds my heart ... Read More »

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