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Visual Storytelling Critical for Social Media Success


Visual Storytelling Critical for Social Media Success If it’s true that 1-minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, then hotels and travel destinations may have found the “holy grail” that converts the grazing online process of looking at hotels, to actually booking them. And there isn’t a hotel or destination in the world that isn’t seeking the business alchemy ... Read More »

Creating Exciting Hotel Websites for Guests and SEO


Creating Exciting Hotel Websites for Guests…and SEO In a relatively recent article that proved very popular with readers and travel industry pros, New Media Travel asked, “Why Are Hotel Websites so Boring?” We had our own theories, especially the one that said hotels do not want to offend certain potential customers by showing, for example, mixed-race couples or, say,  real ... Read More »

Airlines Peg Ticket Prices to Passenger Profiles. Pay more?


Airline Plan Uses Social Media to Personalize, Customize Ticket Prices Will buying an airline ticket soon be as personalized as buying a suit from a sales person? Probably, as trends go. It’s no surprise that airlines want to personalize their relationships to their customers. If they can figure out how, it would be a huge step toward making the ticket-buying ... Read More »

Social Media Powers Family Travel Trends


Family Travel Grows Up: Family Travel Trends + Social Media By Kyle McCarthy, Family Travel Forum Forty-four per cent of adults bring children (and grandchildren) along on leisure travels. Taken as a group, they take more trips per year (4.5) than business travelers (3.9), Gen Y (3.9) or Gen X travelers (3.5), according to the 2012 Portrait of American Travelers ... Read More »

Google Hotel Finder Helps Bring Life to Hotels


Google Hotel Finder Brings Hotels to Life Searching for a hotel online is actually more complex than, say, searching for a flight or car rental or even Viagra. A hotel stay is more of an emotional experience than flying somewhere. To go from New York to London, is simply to find the most convenient, and best-priced flight. Choosing a hotel  ... Read More »

American and US Airways Agree to Create World’s Biggest Airline


American and US Airways Create World’s Biggest Airline Well, it was bound to happen in this time of consolidation, or, more accurately, the “merge or die” aviation business climate, the seventh merger since 2005. With the announcement of the marriage between American Airlines and US Airways, 80% of all flights will now be controlled by four major carriers: the new ... Read More »

Lights, Action…Social Media: Movies and Travel


Lights, Action…Social Media: Movies and Travel A funny thing happened on the way to the movies. Forty million international movie-goers opted to travel to a place where a movie they loved was shot. Travel Daily News (TDN) reports that these travelers made their travel plans and chose their destinations based on a movie they saw in 2012. Obviously, as TDN ... Read More »

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