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Boeing Says “No” To Ryanair’s Pay-to Pee Plan

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Boeing Says “No” To Ryanair’s Pay-toPee Plan

You have to admire the gall.

Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, told the Aol Travel that passengers are too dependent on airplane toilets, and said passengers should control the urge to use the airborne lavatories.

So he’s asked passengers to change the way they do their business, and use the toilets in the airport instead!

O’Leary’s peevishness may stem from the fact that Boeing nixed the idea of eliminating all but one toilet on the plane, so the low-cost airline could add six more seats and make that much more revenue.

And O’Leary hates not to make money.

A Boeing spokesperson said that removing the toilets would hamper evacuation (pun intended) efforts in case of a flight emergency.

On April 7, Ryanair announced that they were going ahead with plans to install the coin-operated toilet on 168 planes and planned to charge £1 or €1 (around $1.34) for use of the facility.

That would mean one toilet for 189 passengers, but O’Leary told the Irish Times a month or so ago that there is no requirement for a plane to have toilets and, as he sees it, three toilets on a plane is excessive, adds weight to the flight and, yes, reduces revenue.

Apparently, airlines save $440,000 per year for every 25 pounds they removed from the aircraft.

American Airlines shifted to lighter weight drinks carts and saved money and most airlines have reduced the flow of water from their sinks.

Ryanair already has virtually eliminated any creature comforts. Their vinyl seats don’t recline, and they have no seat-back pockets for safety cards and in-flight magazines.

Undaunted, O’Leary hopes to convince Boeing that having one toilet per plane is the way to go. His argument doubtless will be that passengers will do anything to keep the cost of a flight down.

This time he may have gotten it wrong.

Smart business move or shameless money grab?

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