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Best locations for bachelor and bachelorette parties

Dublin (8)Best locations for bachelor and bachelorette parties

By A. Wild

Organizing an exciting bachelor or bachelorette party is all about stepping outside the bounds of ordinary life, so why not hold your celebrations in an extraordinary location? More and more people are choosing to travel for events like this. Join them and make it an occasion to remember—even when there’s a wedding day to compete with!

Las Vegas
As a whole city built around partying, Las Vegas is a difficult location to beat. Invest in a spectacular hotel suite where the whole group can stay together. Eat at world-class restaurants, enjoy a spin in the casinos, and then dance the night away in hot clubs such as Vanity and Haze. All-inclusive stag and hen packages are available to guarantee you a good time.
Cool, cosmopolitan Amsterdam is a place where you can spend the daytime viewing work by the world’s greatest artists or idling along the canals. You can select dinner from a choice of over 150 different national cuisines, then go on a tour of the red light district, kick back in the bars with some of the world’s best beers, and go on to some of Europe’s hottest dance clubs.
No city is devoted to good beer as much as Dublin, and there’s a party spirit there that visitors will love. In the daytime, check out nearby adventure sports activities providers—there’s nothing like quad biking or paintball, for a bit of group bonding. In the evenings, hit the Guinness trail. You’ll find the locals warm and welcoming and you might be surprised by the quality of the clubs where you end up.
Vibrant and vivacious whatever the hour, Bangkok is a place where you can enjoy exotic food, consume far too many exotic cocktails that taste like fruit juice, see some of the world’s most spectacular temples, and dance in some of the world’s liveliest clubs. There are endless exciting shows to take in and friendly locals will make sure you feel special, while giant hotel suites make the perfect base.
Marbella specializes in adventurous daytime activities that will really test your skills! Take on a mountain assault course, go quad biking or try your hand at archery; go climbing or horse riding and, when you need to recover, charter a yacht for a cruise along the Costa del Sol. With friendly local eateries, great bars and nightclubs that stay open very late indeed, there’s no shortage of evening options either.
Stay safe
Although weekends such as this are all about having a good time, it’s also important to stay safe, so plan ahead. Set up a account in case the money runs out. Take a first aid kit and make sure you know how to contact the local emergency services. Carry the airline numbers so you know where to get help if you miss your flight.
Having good safety plans in place means you’ll be free to relax and enjoy one of the wildest weekends of your life.

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