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Banning Kids From Planes

Banning Kids From Planes?

Most Americans aren’t anti-kids.

Just the ones that fly it seems.

A recent on line chat had a curmudgeonly majority of flyers saying kids don’t belong on planes.

Or if they must travel, then there should be a Family Travel section in the back of the plane.

We were taken aback at the grumpiness of the “no kids allowed” crowd.

What’s bugging them?

It seems kids are cranky, cry, scream …  and too many of them are not toilet trained.

The soiled diaper argument really struck a nerve with one guy (I assume he was a guy) who asked the airlines to “allow access to kids of certain ages only.”

Read: No kids allowed.

Will lawyers yell discrimination?

You bet they will.

So will families everywhere!

Still, it’s a provocative idea, according to some veteran travelers.

Some flyers went to far as to suggest the airlines charge an additional 10% to guarantee a “kid free zone.”

Others insisted kids and their parents should fly in the back of the plane in designated “family sections,” turning the rear of the plane into an airborne playpen.

Far fetched?

Interestingly, several cruise lines are now creating “quiet spaces” or adults-only sections of their ships.

Will some entrepreneur create a Family-only Airline where like-minded Moms, Dads and Kids can play, fly and relate to each other.

Maybe it’s s good idea.

The on line discussion was very testy with one free market flyer advocating flying only those airlines that make flying an “adult only” experience.

But what about adults who behave worse than kids?

Maybe they were badly toilet trained.



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