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Auto Passport Renewal

New Passport Reminder Service

A Manhattan-based passport expediting company is now making available a free nationwide service that will eliminate the sinking feeling travelers get when they realize their passport has expired four hours before boarding a flight., now offers holders of U.S. and foreign passports free registration with its new Passport Renewal Reminder service.

Those who register will automatically be sent an e-mail reminder nine months before the individual’s passport is about to expire (plenty of time to renew, even with the valid-for-six-months requirement of many countries) and then periodic reminders until the passport is renewed.

In addition to sending reminders before the expiration date,ItsEasy.comwill send an internet link containing the latest required government forms and information.  They will also notify the passport holder of any urgent travel changes from the U.S. Department of State.

Could be a fast and easy way for families (and businesses) to keep track of individual passports and their renewals.

It’s especially tough with children, since their passports expire every five years, rather than 10, as adults do.  And if the parents split up at the airport, that makes it even worse, since a child’s passport application requires the signatures of both parents.

Headline: Opps! My passport has expired and I’m at the airport with friends and family! How to avoid this?

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