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What Do You Do on a Nude Vacation

Nude travel is big business

Who goes on nude vacations? Apparently many kinds of people, says the Association of Nude Recreation. “We draw from folks from all walks of life…doctors, lawyers and everything in between." But they go on to say that you can’t know the difference when you’re all nude. Read More »

When Did Travel Become a Commodity?

When did travel become a commodity and not an experience

When Did Travel Become a Commodity? When did it stop being an experience and more of a package, a deal, a search result? Travel has turned into an obsession for the cheapest airfare, cheapest hotel room and pretty much the lowest, cheapest  cost for anything and every thing related to travel. Wasn’t so long ago that airlines, the most “commodified” ... Read More »

Looking For a Better Webinar on Using Video

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Looking For a Better Webinar on How Video, Images Turn Lookers into Bookers How do action-less, people-less, laughter-less, romance-less, love-less  videos emotionally engage and move us? Move us to book or buy? VFLeonardo is an acknowledged leader in the art of visual storytelling, promoting their services to the travel industry and beyond. Their recent  webinar was called “Lets Get Visual: ... Read More »

Drugging Kids on Flights


Drugging Kids on Flights Would you sedate your child on a flight? 
Are parents who do, wrong?
 A Wall Street Journal  article  reported that many parents “drug” or sedate their kids on planes so they’ll be less bothersome for the parents, flight attendants and fellow passengers. The “drug” of choice seems to be Benadryl, and while it does calm kids, ... Read More »

Booking.Com’s Fun, Happy ‘Booking Epic’ Campaign Raises the Bar for Travelers

Booking.Com’s Fun, Happy ‘Booking Epic’  Campaign Raises the Bar for Travelers Turning the mundane,  frustrating  experience of booking a hotel online into a fun moment, is an act of legerdemain that only is probably able to pull off. Take a look at their YouTube commercial to see what I mean. It’s wry, funny and self-deprecating. It’s a spoof on ... Read More »

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