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Saying “I Love You” at 35,000 Feet-From Seat 7B


Saying “I Love You” at 35,000 Feet-From  Seat 7B Why Not? Flight attendants are not inherently anti-romantic or anti-social, they’re just brainwashed when it comes to using cell phones in the air. “Please switch off all mobile phones as they can interfere with the aircraft’s rafts navigation system,” is the flight attendant’s mantra. But there  is no verifiable  reason why ... Read More »

Tired of Traveling With UnPleasant People?


Tired of Traveling With Ugly People? No, this doesn’t come from us, but from someone who Tweeted about a new travel-dating site called, It’s pretty much a travel dating site…with plenty of innuendo. The explanatory video asks are you attractive, love to travel, but don’t have the money? It then explains that there are plenty of wealthy types (all ... Read More »

Travel Tips, Trips and Traps: Update


Travel Tips, Trips and Traps: Update In Travel, It’s Mobile That’s Seeing All The Growth Compared to overall online retail sales, online growth for travel is slow, indicating maturity in the market. However, the US mobile travel market is growing more quickly, and the number of mobile users booking travel on their devices is expected to more than double until ... Read More »

The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans Love

The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans  Love No, price isn’t everything in travel. It counts for a great deal in making travel decisions, but those merchants of “low, low prices” are missing the point. What seems to drive travel choices is the ability for the traveler to connect with a brand; to feel and identify with it. ... Read More »

New Media Travel Now on Travel Weekly’s Blog Roll


For those that follow the travel industry, Travel Weekly is recognized as the publication that covers travel for travel professionals. So. we’re pretty proud to say that Travel Weekly has picked New Media Travel to add to its distinguished Blog Roll, where we keep company with the BBC, Arthur Frommer, Bill Marriott, Southwest Airlines and others. Read us here or ... Read More »

No, The Travel Agent is Not Dead


Contrary to Reports, The Travel Agent is Not Dead A couple of blocks from where I live is a a storefront travel agency. Been there for quite a while, as long as I can remember, anyway. The space is crammed with brochures, books, all kinds of magazines and old posters. It’s almost always full of people. Some come and sit ... Read More »

The Road to Baghdad: The Desert Castles


Road to Baghdad Please join us in this moving and authentic Audio Postcard from the desert castles of Jordan. These simple but magnificent structures, lonely in the desert, were once the havens of desert princes and their falcons This Audio PostCard from New Media Travel is lovely and powerful Road to Baghdad   Read More »

Travel’s Problem With Pinterest


Travel’s Problem With Pinterest First, we’re glad Pinterest backtracked.  Pinterest’s  pinmeister and co-founder,  Ben Silberman, is no longer asking  followers to ” avoid self promotion.” The CEO and his fellow pinners are saying that  the Pinterest etiquette that frowned on pinning ones own content, is dead. Originally, the fast-growing site wanted its members, as put it, “to share all ... Read More »

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