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Audio PostCard: Security Issues for Women Traveling Alone

women traveling safely

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Security Issues for Women Road Warriors Traveling Alone

Hi. I’m Wendie Hansen at new media travel and today’s podcast is all about women traveling alone.

First, We don’t like the image of the helpless woman or woman as victim.

It’s wrong and unhealthy

But the truth is that a majority of women say that security issues are their number one concern when traveling alone.

And given the choice, 79% of women road warriors say that they prefer to travel with a companion.

But the joys of travel are so strong, these women would rather travel alone than not travel.

We say, “Travel On!….

But take care, because there are real challenges to being female and on the road

Sexual harassment, being touched or groped, receiving inappropriate or uncalled for remarks are big issues for solo woman road warriors.
Women are more likely to be the victims of theft, too.
One useful bit of travel wisdom is to ask directions from other women… or women with families, and not from men.
A woman’s take on what’s safe is very different from a man’s.

Obviously, your hotel should be near easy transportation with well-lighted parking lots and lobby areas.
Some experts suggest women sport a wedding ring to discourage unwanted male attention, especially in male-dominated cultures.
BUT other women say this is  “sexist” advice, and is giving in to the image of the “helpless woman.”

Remember, what you may think of as OK to wear at home or for a night out with female friends, can be  provocative in other places.
Take your cues from what the local women in the culture wear.
What’s standard dress for them?

There are many all-women tour groups like Women Traveling Together that offer companionship and security…and, sorry, guys, many women opt to travel with other women…and leave their men at home.

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