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Are you a Perfect Passenger?

Are you the Perfect Passenger?

by Alicia Staley

According to a recent article posted on the, the perfect airline passengers are single European men, in their 30s traveling for pleasure.  Once he’s got his airline tickets, it seems the single European man is content to go about his travels, with minimal interaction with airline staff.  Is that what it takes to be a perfect passenger? The majority of the complaints listed in the survey on Skyscanner sound like a perfect storm of airline staff complaints:  customers who snap their fingers to get a flight attendant’s attention, fliers eager to disembark from the plane before its even arrived at the gate, and my personal favorite – customers who insist on stuffing oversized luggage into the overhead compartment.   Based on this list, passengers can go a long way to improving their behavior.  We could summarize the findings very simply:  Be polite, follow directions, and have patience when travelling!

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