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Anatomy of a Twitter Suspension

twitter-account-suspensionAnatomy of a Twitter Suspension

So it begins innocently enough.
I try to send a Tweet from an active, important  account I manage. The Tweet doesn’t send.

Error Message: “There was an error sending…please select the Social Network and try again.”
So I try,  and try again.

Then it slowly dawns on me:  There’s more here than meets the eye.
I sign into the account, and there it is: “Your Account Has Been Suspended.”
Caution light flashes: The suspension occurred the day after I published a mildly critical article about Twitter.

Perish the thought.

Then begins the Alice in Wonderland attempt to understand why the account was suspended and how to get reinstated.

I begin Nov 6, and file during the next week, tickets  14398034, 14144996, 14325777, 14353990,14325991, 14318105, 14305312, etc., etc
They go like this:

Me: Help please. Why am I suspended?

Twitter: Your account has been suspended.

Me: Please explain why we are suspended.


Then, Twitter: Your account has been suspended for a violation of the Twitter Rules. Some examples are:
Abusive behavior, Impersonation, Trademark Violation, Copyright Violation.

Me: Thank you, but why have I been suspended?
Twitter: You have been suspended.

Me: Yes, but why?
Twitter:  (after a half dozen or so exchanges). “It has come to our attention that a you have violated the Twitter rule against ‘Impersonation.’ “

Me: Stunned. What?

To Twitter: We feel that is an unfair and unjust accusation. Whom have we impersonated? And how?
I am the travel editor/manager of the account in question, whom would I be ‘Impersonating?”  Please help.

Ticket #14144996
Twitter: “We have received a valid impersonation report regarding your account. While Twitter believes in the freedom of expression, impersonation that misleads, confuses or deceives…is against our Rules found here: https://support/”

So I read the  rules and regulations and can find no hint at all as to how I impersonated, or whom I impersonated.

I write to Twitter telling them I’m now more confused than ever.

No answer

November 14 8:47 pm, ticket # 14144996
Twitter: “Thanks for your cooperation. Please modify the following settings:
• Username
• Name
• Location
• Bio
• Background image/avatar”


What does this even mean?  How do I do it? WHY do I do it? I have no idea.

Me: Please be aware that I am the legitimate travel  manager /editor of the suspended account? Thank you very much.


Once more from me: Happy to cooperate, but we may not completely understand . There is nothing in the profile, etc., that says we are anything other than what we are. Here is what our URL says and our Profile. Where is the impersonation. PLEASE

OK, now it’s time to bite the bullet Give them what they ask for. No further explanation.

Friday, November 15, 7:53 PST
Me: We have complied, read and modified as you requested for the account and await reinstatement.

Twitter: Nothing

Saturday November 16, back to square 1 Day 1:
Twitter: “ Your account has been suspended for a violation of the Twitter Rules. Some examples are:
Abusive behavior, Impersonation, Trademark Violation, Copyright Violation, etc.”

So, a wasted twelve days: No movement. No insight. No customer number to call.
Status: Still Suspended

Tomorrow is another day. Meantime, Twitter like all Social Media sites has absolute control over your Social Media platforms and activity.

Happy you are a “thought leader” because you have 2 or 4,000 Followers and get ReTweeted?
Don’t be.
Those numbers are better for Twitter than they are for you..and you can lose them all without explanation or opportunity to respond. In a Twitter second.

The system is fun, but unfair. It’s unjust, not user-friendly, and  totally controlled by Twitter.

At least the company should allow for an an advance notice. Or an opportunity to talk with a real person. Or answers that are specific enough to be helpful. These are serious accusations! They deserve a more forthcoming and flexible response, and a problem-solving team in place that cares and has the ability to explain or resolve.

Then again, does any Social Media tool ever pick up its phone.
It’s not a balanced or fair relationship. They have all the power.
Ticket number whatever: What next. Please

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