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Alcatraz National Park: A Jail Unlocked!

Alcatraz-Alcatraz National Park: Alcatraz Travel Video PostCard

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The infamous Alcatraz penitentiary sits ominously in San Francisco’s Bay.

But the prison doors of Alcatraz slammed shut in 1963 when “The Rock” was closed for good.

But long before Alcatraz was home to the bad guys it was home to all kinds of coastal birds, beautiful plants and flowers.

In 2003 the National Park Service in partnership with the progressive Garden Conservancy, restored the neglected gardens on Alcatraz and now it’s a walk in the park.

In its time, it housed such criminals as Al Capone and Robert Franklin Stroud, the Birdman of Alcatraz, and while there were many attempts to escape Alcatraz, none succeeded

But all that belongs to another era. Today the public wanders freely along the paths enjoying nature and the views

And while some visitors claim to have heard men screaming and prison doors clanging

It’s probably the wind from San Francisco Bay and the cry of the gulls in this peaceful national park of Alcatraz

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