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Hiking The Hocking Hills Of Ohio w Video

Please watch the 1-minute Video PostCard at the end of this post Hiking The Hocking Hills Of Ohio Why Ohio? Because the southeast part of the state, an hour or so from Columbus, Hocking Hills, Ohio, is nothing like any impression I had of the Buckeye State. It’s rolling hillocks and swaths of wheat covered fields dotted with sad eyed ... Read More »

The Lure of Dark Tourism: Murder and Mayhem

The Lure of Dark Tourism: Murder and Mayhem Places like Cambodia’s Killing Fields, Auschwitz, New York’s Ground Zero, or the Wolf’s Lair where Hitler barely survived an assassination attempt in 1944, exert a powerful pull on travelers. But what’s the fascination? Professor John Lennon of Glasgow University wrote a book exploring exactly the question, why do we want to travel ... Read More »

Salamanca: The Soul of Spain


 Please watch the 1 minute, sound-rich Andalusia, Spain Travel Video PostCard at the end of this post! Salamanca sits at the edge of a greening plane, dominated by a skyline of domed cathedrals and dun-colored walls, embracing the town in a timeless medieval clinch. 

 The Spaniards call Salamanca “the soul of the Spanish nation,” because it’s the birthplace ... Read More »

Selling the “Polygamy Tour”


Selling the “Polygamy Tour” And why would we be surprised? We have Medical Tours where travelers combine a few days in a luxury hotel and first class beaches in Thailand, while getting a hip replaced or heart by-pass surgery. Then we saw Fertility Tours where women travel to Cyprus and beyond to sell their eggs for big bucks, and see ... Read More »

Coupons, Groupons, And Fashionistas


Coupons, Groupons, And Fashionistas Recently I met a vivacious, young mother of two, Vera Sweeney, who is very much an entrepreneur. Vera runs three rather clever web sites, one of which, is a sassy example of “fashionistas” taking to the web, often with video cameras (vloggers), to share their shopping successes and opinions for those of us (all of ... Read More »

How Does Saying “I Love You” at 32,000 Feet Sound?

“To Text or Not To Text in Flight.” Is Line2 the Answer? Many airline passengers forget to turn their cell phones off in flight, or maybe obstinately refuse to. And yet there isn’t a singe instance in which an “on” cell phone has been responsible for an airline accident, though Wikipedia predictably suggests it’s somehow possible. But, mobile phone use ... Read More »

Travel Through The Theater of the Mind

Travel Through The Theater of the Mind Listen to a poor Elvis Presley talk about his daddy’s arrest and imprisonment for forging an eight dollar check to feed his hungry family. Then there’s the irrepressible Mark Twain in his always wry observations about New York, the rascals on Wall Street and how sales of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer kept ... Read More »

Are Ace Hotels The Coolest Hotels In America?

Are Ace Hotels The Coolest Hotels In America? Probably. And that probably makes Ace Hotel founder, Alex Calderwood, one of the hippest guys in America. If Chris Mahoney, Senior VP at BlackBook Media is right, the recession killed the big, expensive hotel model, and “Calderwood has filled a niche.” BlackBook publishes popular on and off line content on hotels, restaurants ... Read More »

BedBugs Bite, Hotel Reputations Fall: Terminix Rates Your City

BedBugs Bite, Hotel Reputations Fall: Terminix Rates Your City The bedbugs keep biting, and the reputations and pocketbooks of hotels and inns are getting infected. A couple of months ago we did a “trending spotting” piece on bedbugs, and the fact they were driving travelers and hotels management mad. Now bedbug mania is front page, main stream news, with the ... Read More »

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