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Three Great Non-Travel Travel Books


Three Great Non-Travel, Travel Books Often a non-travel novel creates the vividness and depth of a town or village or city better than travel book might. But recommending a book is always tricky, so here are two recent reads and likes: In Travels with a Tangerine, Tim Mackintosh-Smith  sets out to follow the footsteps of the great Arab/Muslim traveler, Ibn ... Read More »

Travel Trends 2011: Truth, Myth and Pith


Travel Trends 2011: Truth, Myth and Pith The bright researchers at PhoCusWright consistently deliver quality insights and information about travel industry trends, but translating their lofty “market-speak” into language travelers can use, can be daunting. The recent webinar aptly called Truth, Myth and Pith, PhoCusWright’s 2011 Travel Trends was pithy indeed. It featured the usual stellar group of researchers, communications ... Read More »

The Next, Best Air Fare Search Engine!


The Next Best Air-Fare Search Engine? Don’t let that cute, little chipmunk with the aviator goggles fool you! Hipmunk is, at last, an air- fare search engine that’s elegant, simple and free from the agony of plowing through pages of results that most air fare search engines throw up. If what you want is flight info that’s worth your while ... Read More »

Yosemite National Park’s Secret Visitor (Audio PostCard)


Please visit the dramatic Yosemite National Park through the magic of this Audio PostCard. Please click on the audio player above “It’s another thirty-five miles t’ the valley floor,” the Yosemite National Park gate keeper drawled. Free of Fresno, the drive up to this point took us past hazy, crushed-velvet hills and mesas still tinted with California’s late autumnal colors. ... Read More »

World’s Best Hotels: TripAdvisor’s 2011 Travelers Choice Awards


World’s Best Hotels: TripAdvisor’s 2011 Travelers Choice Awards When TripAdvisor came out with its highly-publicized list of the world’s dirtiest hotels, many thought it was a shameless grab by the review giant for publicity. But others, including MSNBC, reported that the traveling public appreciated the list and used it in planning their travels. Now TripAdvisor gives us their Travelers Choice ... Read More »

Are Foursquare’s Mayors Doomed?


Are Foursquare’s Mayors Doomed? So, how long will being a Foursquare Mayor matter now that the 6-million strong Location Based Service is moving toward segmentation? In fact, is there any real “grown up” reason to being the “Mayor” of Joe’s Coffee shop? Is there any “grown up” reason to being a Foursquare Mayor of anything? It’s a bit like collecting ... Read More »

Night Travel

Night Travel What is it that I grasp, I miss When half awake or half asleep I feel such deep, deep longing Knowing only the rich sadness The ache I glimpse a red checkered skirt A fragment of fabric at the corner of my consciousness A quick flutter I cry Not for no reason But for a reason beyond knowing ... Read More »

Familymoons, The New Kind of Honeymoon


Familymoons, The New Kind of Honeymoon The Caribbean Wedding Association knows a lot about weddings.. But lately they’re seeing a new kind. “Many people are finding love later in life,” they say. “They’ve done the big formal wedding once, and now they want something different. When they remarry, they want to include their children in the wedding so they can ... Read More »

When Will We See The Pyramids Again?

When Will We See The Pyramids Again? The questions as to when travel to Egypt will resume, and Egyptian itineraries re-established are big ones among the decision makers in the US travel and tourism industry, and are being discussed daily. 
 The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), a large group of tour operators who managed to pull their clients ... Read More »

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