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Marriage, Italian Style


Marriage, Italian Style The town of Mondovi in northern Italy, is barely mentioned in most guide books. But we went there to see our good friends Giovanna and Antonio get married in a small mountain village near the town. The couple had opened a restaurant, Ezzelino, a bright, splash of color and light in this unspoiled, Medieval town set high ... Read More »

LivingSocial Adds Hotels and Dealradar Delivers Deals


LivingSocial Adds Hotels and Dealradar Delivers Deals Not so long ago, the new, travel “catch term” in a struggling travel economy was the “staycation”. The idea that people could really vacation in their own back yards, getting to know, appreciate and experience their own neighborhoods was novel, and widely accepted. It made sense. Many of us don’t really know our ... Read More »

Why We’re Unhappy With Travel Web Sites


Why We’re Unhappy With Travel Web Sites To most, “Travel Agent” means the company on the corner with a couple of big glass windows, lots of fading brochures lying around and inside, a faint whiff of yesterday. But the term “Travel Agent” also refers to giants like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Thomas Cook, AAA and lots of others, referred to as ... Read More »

GPS Travel: Treasure Hunting With Geocaching


Traveling For Hidden Treasure: Welcome To Geocaching Welcome to the addictive, fast-growing sport of Geocaching. On May 3rd, 2000, a container of goodies was hidden by a someone outside of Portland, Oregon. By May 6th the treasure, or “cache” in the parlance of the game, was visited twice, and logged in the logbook. And a whole new global pastime was ... Read More »

Croatia-Dubrovnik: 1 Min Video PostCard

Lord Byron, the famous English poet, called the great walled city of Dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic From the geometry of Dubrovniks tiled roofs to Dubrovniks graceful and placid harbor, The medieval city of Dubrovnik rings with the sounds of history (Bell), surprises with elegant architecture, and delights with its arches and artistic flourishes One of the most beautiful ... Read More »

Group Messaging: SXSW’s Hot Topic And Good News For Travel


Group Messaging: SXSW’s Hot Topic, And Good News For Travel It’s not easy to wrap your mind (or your body) around this year’s South by South West (SXSW) music festival and industry conference just completed in Austin, Texas. There seemed to be, as Allison Fenterstock writes in NOLA, more official showcases, more films, more book signings, smart phone apps, fashion ... Read More »

Newfoundland: Sea, Solitude And Song w/Video


Newfoundland: Sea, Solitude And Song There’s something about Newfoundland, Canada, that gets under your skin. I think it comes from the disarmingly warm and open people. And it comes from the aching loneliness of the surrounding sea where Lilliputian villages snuggle against the craggy faces of mighty cliffs. “Give us a song,” the dark-haired beauty called out from the doorway ... Read More »

Mexican Cultural Institute, San Antonio, Texas


The Mexican Cultural Institute in an Antonio, Texas, or Instituto Cultural de Mexico has one of the worst web sites I’ve see, yet one of the most stunning collection of art I have ever seen. Hidden even from those who live in San Antonio, this small gem of a museum sparkles with eclectic but always interesting art and events, and ... Read More »

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