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Absurd Restaurant Attitudes

bad customer service 5

Absurd Restaurant Attitudes It started when we stopped at a seemingly authentic seafood restaurant on an authentic stretch of Atlantic coastline. The special was twin lobsters for a reasonable price. We ordered those and some other stuff, and when the two crustaceans arrived , I split them with my partner. One lobster each, we reasoned, was enough. The waitress came ... Read More »

DiveCaching-The New Underwater Treasure Hunt Game

DiveCaching-The New Underwater Treasure Hunt Game This is a great industry. We do a piece on Geocaching, the fun, GPS-driven hunt for hidden treasure (“the cache”). Then the Diving Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA) launches a real-life, eco-friendly, in-water game called DiveCaching, the underwater version of Geocaching. The have a video on the sport, but it’s pretty basic: • Divers hide ... Read More »

Nakations: Nude Travel is Big Business


Nakations: Nude Travel is Big Business How likely are you to go to a nude beach or clothes optional one, and strip? For a country settled by humorless and uptight Puritans, a surprising 49% of Americans said they would do it. Another 19% were undecided, and 32% gave an unqualified “no” to the idea of beaching “au natural” Courtesy of ... Read More »

“B&B Kick Gas” Campaign Drives More Visitors to B&Bs


“B&B Kick Gas” Campaign Drives More Visitors to B&Bs After paying $4.45 a gallon for gas in Connecticut, the idea of $6/gallon prices before the end of the summer seems more probable than possible, recent slight trends downward not withstanding. And this, according to Marti Mayne, B&B marketing guru, is making travelers very anxious about their summer vacation plans. Mayne ... Read More »

Hotel Ratings Fraud


Hotel Rating Inflation So far no international classification for hotels exists, but that hasn’t stopped ambitious hotel marketers from slapping any number of stars, diamonds, cacti on their properties and touting them as 5 or 6 or even 7 star properties, whatever that may mean in real service and amenities. I think the ratings inflation trend began with the Xanadu-like ... Read More »

Snapshot: Egypt, Tourism and Islam Today


Snapshot: Egypt, Tourism and Islam Today In spite of the apparent calm in Egypt after the historic “overthrow” of the Mubarak regime, travel, a major source of income for the country, has not recovered. While some cruise lines have reinstated Egypt as a port of call, travel to the North African country is stagnant. Veteran Travel Weekly reporter, Nadine Goodwin ... Read More »

Can Shopkick Kick the Travel Industry Into Action?


Can Shopkick Kick the Travel Industry into Action? Imagine if a travel destination or property rewarded you for just visiting it, or just walking through the door of a hotel or B and B , or setting foot on an island. Would that encourage a more loyal following and generate more business? Probably. By any standard, we’ve reached the tipping ... Read More »

“T2”: SFO’s Stunning, Modern, New Terminal w/Foursquare


“T2”, a Stunningly Modern, New SFO Terminal You have to see it to believe ii. The brand new, much touted new Terminal 2 that just opened at San Francisco’s International Airport. The video news clip is interesting, but much less so than the terminal itself. It may be one of the most modern, most chic, most green airport terminals in ... Read More »

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