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Connecting With Curacao

Connecting With Curacao From Kaleel ftp etc When the Spanish established a colony here in the early 1500’s, they were so disappointed at not finding gold or silver they dubbed Curacao (Cure – a – sow), and sister islands Bonaire and Aruba) “las isles inutiles” – the useless islands. Who knows what the Spaniards were thinking (or drinking), but did ... Read More »

Faces I loved in the Arab Middle East

Deep into the heart of the Jordanian desert, along the caravan routes. Nearby, the Desert Castles with their falcons and weathered gate keepers. A blond friend from almost another world. Yet…deep kinship developed From Drop Box all images by Wendie Hansen Ah, Butros. Gardner by day…dashing Egyptian by day too! From Drop Box From the roads in Syria, past the ... Read More »

Deerfield, Massachusetts: Leave it to the Native Americans

We think it’s great that many of the colonial settlers in historic Deerfield, MA, who were taken captive by “attacking” Native American tribes opted not to return to the ways of the “white man.” Perhaps the women and men were more emancipated under tribal rule than colonial law! But we’re ahead of ourselves here. So, It wasn’t always this tranquil… ... Read More »

The Sweetest Days Fade the Fastest

From Drop Box (images by Wendie Hansen) In summer’s veil of green and plants adrip with morning dew When random scented breezes like mischievous children Play in trees Rousing lazy Leaves Then suddenly stop making all the silence stiller. It’s then my heart aches for the sweet days, The ones that fade the first When standing with a whole summer’s ... Read More »

On the Hummus Trail

From Drop Box It sounds and reads better in Arabic than English. And I know there are far better, more richly textured poems in Arabic (and English by Arabs) than this one, but apropos of our subject, on the Hummus Trail, this bit of doggerel by some anonymous Arab poet: “You can talk of your many vegetables from Morocco to ... Read More »

Nicaragua: Now Open for Curious Travelers

My head is turned by simple beauty…and by people who have so little to give except smiles and dignity From nicaragua The black silhouette sculpture of Augustino Calderon Sandino (1895-1934) with his iconic fedora dominates the hillside of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, and still cast a long shadow over the country. But as the world turns, Nicaragua is moving into the ... Read More »

Travel Killarney, Ireland: Gleann Fia, Travel Video PostCard Fan on Facebook: Check our Blog: Its so very easy to feel at home at Gleann Fiaa country inn tucked in a glade on the outskirts of Killarney, Ireland Settle into any cozy corner, sip a good coffee and enjoy some rough, fresh, bread. Questions about where to go and what to see? Gleann Fia Host, ... Read More »

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