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The Road Less Traveled: North Wales

The Road Less Traveled By: Travel North Wales (with Video) Trying to pronounce the impossible Welsh names like Llangollen (klhan-gghlan) or Betws-Y-Coed or Llandrillo (klhan-dri-lo) is part of the fun and challenge of traveling in North Wales But when the language is spoken in true lyric Welsh, actually “Cymru” (CUM-Raig) it sounds like water flowing over rough rocks, and hints ... Read More »

We Visit SpongeBob in Cayman’s Super Summer Splash Program

From From Kaleel Summer Splash and SpongeBob Make Grand Cayman Grand The Cayman Islands have come up with a popular, value-driven, summer program for families that’s fun and educational. Appropriately dubbed the Summer Splash package, the program runs until September 6 and features a weekly appearance of everyone’s favorite squishy hero, Nickelodeon’s own SpongeBob SquarePants. More details soon. Post questions ... Read More »

How Not To Travel Like An Ugly American

From From Kaleel It’s part of travel’s enduring mythology: The American tourist, unable to manage even a few sentences in any language other than English, and oblivious to the culture and traditions of other countries. The unflattering image of the “Ugly American” is a bit unfair, perhaps, but the “USA Number 1!” attitude persists among many American travelers, so Dean ... Read More »

Cruise Ships Sail the Social Networking Seas

From From Kaleel The captain of the Oasis of the Seas drove the 5,400 passenger cruise ship into Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades last fall, but it was Social Media channels that drove the Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship, the world’s largest, onto Google’s most-searched list. 

 Travel trade publication Travel Weekly reported that as of a couple of weeks ago, 10 ... Read More »

Reunions Mean Big Bucks for The Travel Industry: How To Plan One

From From Kaleel Reunions Mean Big Bucks for The Travel Industry: How To Plan One Travel for reunions is big business and getting bigger as families, communities, organizations and affinity groups strive to stay in touch in an increasingly complex post 9/11 world. The U.S. Travel Association estimates that in the last three years, 82 million adults have hit the ... Read More »

CityPASS Helps With Stay At Home Vacations: Staycations

From From Kaleel A weak economy drives families (and all travelers) to seek value-driven vacations, which now often means travel in one’s own back yard, a “Staycation,” a kind of travel that fosters a sense of community, gets them to discover their own city, and saves money We think the best way to enjoy a “Staycation” is with The CityPASS ... Read More »

Sex in the Sky: Is There Really a Mile High Club?

From Blogger Pictures Sex in the Sky: There Really Is a Mile High Club! Apparently, the first person to have sex in an airplane (and the probable origin of the Mile High Club) was a daring and presumably nimble pilot, Lawrence Sperry, a genius of an engineer and inventor of the auto-pilot, necessary of course for a sexual adventure in ... Read More »

Say Hello to Belfast Ireland: 1 Min Travel Audio PostCard

Belfast NI From Blogger Pictures Belfast, Northern Ireland: Open for Business Say hello to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the pubs pour great lager, and the laughter and the garden-studded streets cover the ugly scars of “The Troubles.” Who would have thought Belfast would be one of the next, best tourist destinations? Until the Good Friday Peace Accord (April 10, 1998) ... Read More »

Audio PostCard: Iceland

From Blogger Pictures Iceland Audio PostCard: Listen to the PostCard in the player above Amazingly, Iceland’s language and its gene pool have remained unchanged for hundreds and hundreds of years. The “fire and ice” nature of the country finds great expression in the beauty of its language. Read More »

Travel insurance: Can you leave home without it?

Travel insurance: Can you leave home without it? Today, definitely not! From Blogger Pictures Quick question: How much will it cost you get airlifted home? Domestic air medical evacuation averages $10,000 to $20,000, and Internationally, the cost can exceed $75,000. Granted few travel injuries or accidents require an emergency trip home, but what if your costly cruise has to be ... Read More »

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