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My Four Top Non-Travel Travel Books

Ibn Battutah, Islam's explorer

Some of my deepest understandings of place, of "being" somewhere come neither from actually being there, nor from reading a travel book about the destination. They come from a novel or short story which, because they set out to tell a story and not to describe a location, actually create a powerful sense of time and place. Here are four gems Read More »

What Do You Do on a Nude Vacation

Nude travel is big business

Who goes on nude vacations? Apparently many kinds of people, says the Association of Nude Recreation. “We draw from folks from all walks of life…doctors, lawyers and everything in between." But they go on to say that you can’t know the difference when you’re all nude. Read More »

Grand Manan : One of Canada’s Top Ten Islands


Grand Manan : One of Canada’s Top Ten Islands (Please watch the Grand Manan 1- minute Travel Video PostCard at the end of this post) It’s certainly tempting to think of Grand Manan as God’s shrug of land surrounded by a vast, changing and beautiful sea. There is something about these small fishing villages on islands that holds my heart ... Read More »

Doing Good While Traveling the World: VolunTourism


Doing Good While Seeing the World: VolunTourism Mark Twain cut right to the bone when he said that travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Just as importantly, travel has begun seriously to give back to the communities and places it sends its travelers to. For example, on my recent  round-trip to San Francisco (5,426 miles) my plane and ... Read More »

Happy Birthday, Titanic! w/video

Long Live the Titanic! w/video “God Himself could not sink this ship,” a  crewman of the Titanic said to one Mrs. Albert Campbell, as she boarded the ship in Southampton, England In May 1911, the RMS Titanic gracefully slid  into  the bustling harbor of  Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she was built by Ireland’s skilled ship builders of the Queen’s Yard ... Read More »

Getting High in Jamaica

Getting High in Jamaica I was pretty terrified. Weak knees, breath-holding terrified. I was standing on the edge of small tree platform high above the Jamaican rain forest, looking down at all the treetops. About eye level with the birds. With the forest canopy beneath me, the guides from Chukka Tours expertly snapped all the hooks and cables in place ... Read More »

The Lure of Dark Tourism: Murder, Mayhem and Mystery

The Lure of Dark Tourism: Murder and Mayhem Places like Cambodia’s Killing Fields,  Auschwitz, New York’s Ground Zero, or the Wolf’s Lair where Hitler barely survived an assassination attempt in 1944, exert a powerful pull on travelers. But what’s the fascination? Professor John Lennon of Glasgow University wrote a book exploring exactly the question, why do we want to travel ... Read More »

Iceland: Life on the Brink

Iceland: Life on the Brink Icelanders live on the edge. In 1783 the Laki Volcano in this glacier-covered country erupted in a violent and prolonged paroxysm, killing a fifth of the country’s population. For 10 months 30 billion tons of lava and sulfuric acid belched forth, creating a noxious haze that killed crops and livestock in Europe as it wound ... Read More »

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