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NMT Case Study: Hudson Valley and the Rhinecliff Inn

Our Travel Video Postcard for Hudson Valley Inns is one of our most popular videos published on the New Media Travel Youtube Channel.  The video highlights the beauty of the region and incorporates a way to further promote a site or destination.

As you watch this video, look for the small arrow in the middle of the screen.  When a viewer is watching a video, they can click that arrow to launch an additional advertisement embedded in the video.

  Click on the arrow and see the ad! 

With close to 30,000 views, this video is a great example of how New Media Travel can help market and promote your travel destination.  Through the power of video, carefully curated key search words, and a vast syndicated network,  these Travel Video Postcards and posts bring your destination’s travel experience to life, and encourage travelers to visit.  WIth the ability to embed strategic links and messaging within the video, New Media Travel provides you with unique ways to reach and engage your visitors.

As part of the Travel Video Postcard, each video comes with a corresponding blog post and additional marketing from New Media Travel.  Here’s some great coverage for the Hudson Valley and the Rhinebeck Inn:

Tango at the Rhinecliff Hotel

Rhinecliff Inn, Hudson Valley TVP Review 

Ask us how our free and low-cost marketing campaigns including video, audio, powerful distribution strategies and access to social media platforms can help you. Ready to get started?  Contact Kaleel today!


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