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NMT Case Study: Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada

Our Travel Video Postcard for Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada is an excellent case study that highlights many of our core services and offerings.  As you watch the video, pay close attention to the opening moments of the video.  As the video begins, you will see a text box overlay that provides additional messaging with hyperlinks that load a new page, directly from the video!

Grand Manan Text Overlays

Watch the Grand Manan video in full here:

At the end of the video, you’ll also see a special message inviting the viewers to visit the Tourism NB Youtube Channel.

Video Ending with Text and Links

Video Ending with Text and Links

The video has received over 2,000 views and provides additional links in the video descriptions that users can visit, including:




In this screenshot, you can see the messaging and a small arrow that provides the link to the TourismNB Youtube page.  This is an excellent way to make the video experience more interactive.  It allows the viewers to immediately click to other sources of information about your tourist destination, making it an engaging experience for viewers trying to learn as much as possible about your tourist destination.

As with every Travel Video Postcard, New Media Travel includes a blog post dedicated to your video.  Here is the comprehensive blog post that accompanied the release of the Grand Manan video:  Grand Manan, One of Canada’s Top Ten Islands.

The blog post highlights the wonderful beauty on Grand Manan and includes reviews of the Swallow Tail Lighthouse and the Compass Rose.  Famed Author Willa Cather even lived on Grand Manan island for  time.  The video and blog content paint a very engaging and welcoming picture of Grand Manan.  Adding the video and blog posts to New Media Travels extensive syndication resources ensures this video and blog get maximum exposure for the client.

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