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NMT Case Study: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

New Media Travel offers creative marketing services for your travel destination.  With custom 1-minute video presentations of exceptional quality, we provide unique and customizable ways to differentiate your product offerings.

Our video on Fredericton, NB, Canada is an outstanding example of our creative offerings.

The video is a 60 second overview of the highlights in Fredericton with a focus on the world famous Farmer’s Market.  With close to 1,000 views in less than 3 months, the Fredericton video provides a unique look at this city and helps attract a new set of potential visitors.  While watching the video, look for the text overlays that provide additional marketing and messaging opportunities.  This is a great way to further engage viewers and promote your message.

When we publish a new video, it’s accompanied with a corresponding blog post:  “In Search Of Great Markets: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.”  This unique marketing approach uses the power of video in conjunction with a written overview to maximize the reach.   The power of visual storytelling is an effective way to broaden your marketing message.

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