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Travel Video Postcards

Today’s travelers move faster than ever. They don’t have time to load and watch long travel videos – they need inspiration and information, and they need it now!  Travel Professionals need access to New Media Travel’s (NMT) powerful web reach which includes the very popular and effective short-form travel video.  Our short-form travel videos have over 5 million views and are embedded on over a million web sites and web pages.

Travel Video Postcards

Our  Travel Video PostCard, series, part of New Media Travel, are timely one-minute, sound-rich travel videos that bring destinations to life.  Did you know that travelers are using video 35% of the time to chose a destination to visit and print brochures only 14% of the time?  If you’re not producing high quality, short form videos to publicize and promote your travel destination, you’re missing out on an excellent marketing opportunity.

We create and produce 1-2 “60″ second Travel Video PostCards (TVPs) that are loaded to our YouTube Channel.  Our exclusive YouTube channel, Travel Video, has over 5.6 million views and over 2,000 subscribers.

Travel Video Youtube Channel

Travel Video Youtube Channel

We will feature your video on our monthly Travel Video Postcard email as the “Video of the Month.”  This html mailer to sent to our private list of over 36,000 travel professionals.  We’ll also share your video and put it into syndication via our syndication contracts. These will be upload exclusively to Travel Weekly and Trip Advisor, and included in posts published to Technorati Travel home page, Tripatini, and Familytravelforum.

Technorati Travel

Most TVPs are embedded on between 60 and 2,000 web sites and web pages globally resulting in millions of impressions. We can provide stats to support these numbers.

We create searchable key words to maximize Search Engine Optimization in YouTube, MSNBC, Yahoo, Veoh and Metacafe. For example, our German TVPs come up # 2 in a Google search for Germany travel videos, out of 168 million search results.




Social Media

In addition to videos, New Media Travel brings other kinds of travel content to on-the-go, active travelers via several high-value Travel Blog Sites; our three major Twitter accounts, including Family Travel Forum (@familytravel4um), Technorati Travel (@trtravel)  and New Media Travel  (@newmediatravel) and Facebook, with seven-thousand plus fans.

Relative to the fast-growing family travel market, we are proud to provide family travel content (Video, Text and Images) to what the Wall Street Journal called “the best family travel web site on the Internet,” the  Family Travel Forum website.

We will post your featured content to our four Blogs: the hugely popular Technorati (with the likelihood of posting to Technorati’s Travel Home Page);; Tripatini and New Media Travel. Your post will also be included in Travel Weekly’s “Blog Roll” along with blogs from Gadling, Arthur Frommer, and Marriott.

Technorati boasts 300 million unique visitors a month worldwide and 150 million people in the US. ComScore ranked Technorati Media as the 4th largest social media property and the 3rd largest blog property. was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the most important family travel web site on the Internet.  Working with New Media Travel provides access to these incredible resources.

Case Studies

NMT’s services are showcased in three case studies.  Check out how our clients have used NMT’s video and blogging services to increase their reach and impact with potential visitors:

Fredericton, New Brunswick – Video and Blog Case Study

Grand Manan, New Brunswick – Video, Blog, and Social Media Case Study

Hudson Valley and the Rhinebeck Inn – Video and Advertising Case Study

Fun Fact

Travel Video Postcard content is embedded on nearly one million websites and Blogs globally, including top travel websites like Kayak, Trip Advisor, and Travel Weekly.

Ready to Get Started?

NMT provides a platform to engage with thousands of today’s travelers online. Ask us how our free and low-cost marketing campaigns including video, audio, powerful distribution strategies and access to social media platforms can help you.  Contact us today!



  1. Hello
    I organized itinerary holiday in the Marche -Italy.
    I would like propose at your company if interesting make a video in my region.
    How much cost?
    plaese look at this video:

    Best regards
    Moreno Moretti

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