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A Tour for Lovers..of Cats and Italy!

A Tour for Lovers…of Cats and Italy

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We can’t confirm that this 2010 tour for cat lovers in Italy will actually take place, but we know it’s taken place three times already, and the San Francisco-based organization seems legit.
If you love cats and love Italy, this could be the tour for you.

The American group Friends of Roman Cats is committed to helping homeless cats in the USA and Italy, and educating people about jut how in need of care the many stray cats are.

The 14-day tour maxes out at 26 people, and the itinerary is really interesting.
It begins at Lake Maggiore, Italy’s second largest (Lake Garda is the first) in the north of Italy, the Piedmont region, then moves on to Cremona to visit a cat sanctuary housed in a convent.

Venice and Padua follow, combining the sights and a stop-over at a cat sanctuary at the Lido and an “inspection” of a cat colony at a large hospital, where the cats are companions to patients…and do what they’re supposed to do: seek out rodents.

The tour ends in Rome with a city tour and a visit to the cat colonies of Torre Argentina, the Protestant Cemetery and the Coliseum.

Neither a tour price or date has been set.

The group hopes participants return home with a new perspective on the treatment of stray cats. In Italy healthy apparently stray cats and dogs are not put down but are accepted as part of the landscape and fed by local people.

We’re passing this on as a tip. Talk to the organization

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