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A New Kind of Travel Wedding?

A New Kind of Travel Wedding?

It’s pretty clear that the trend in travel is toward the kinds that build memories and forge connections. Especially when it comes to family travel. 

And increasingly, that kind of travel seems to be a Familymoon, where  remarrying  couples do so with their children sharing the event and the  commitment.

The Caribbean Wedding Association reports an uptick in Familymoons, those who are finding love again, but  who’ve done the big formal wedding and now want something different.
When they remarry, they want their children with them so they can all begin their new lives together, as a family.

It’s not just about the man and woman anymore.

Given the statistics, it makes sense.
According to the Stepfamily Association of America  there are now as many stepfamilies as “intact” families.
The Association says a whopping 65+ percent of remarriages are now bring children into the new relationship.

“Really, Familymoons, as we call them,  are quite adorable,” says a  Wedding Coordinator at Brac Reef Beach Resort on Cayman Brac.
“It’s fun to see the kids taking part in the ceremony. With one of our couples, there were thirty family members,  and his daughter and her daughter, both teens, were bridesmaids. The ages ranged from one year to mid-seventies, and everyone loved being together.”

Experts say these kinds of family marriages  ease the transition into the new life,  because parents don’t want to leave their kids behind when they say “I do.”

And the children certainly don’t want to be left behind while their new parents take off on a honeymoon without them.

But Familymoons are not for everyone. Be prepared for a loss of intimacy between bride and groom, and repressed family issues seem somehow to come up on these pressure-cooker days.

If you’re going en familie, here are some tips:

• Everyone in the family needs to be involved in planning, such as such as deciding who will make the toast or what specific attractions to visit

• Choose a neutral destination, not one where either parent has spent a family vacation or, obviously, a previous honeymoon

• A sense of humor is a must. Expect the unexpected. This is uncharted territory. If things don’t go according to plans, roll with them.

• Be aware that single parents traveling with minors outside the United States must bring proof from the other parent that they have the permission to travel with the child

• Kids will often become homesick, missing their biological parent or pet, even. Be sure they can phone home or email friends

• And chose a destination that has significant experience in family travel

Family travel sites like Family Travel Forum  are good resources. And good luck!

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