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Travel for the Physically Challenged: Gutsy Travelers

Handicapped travel, travel for the disabled or travel for the physically challenged.

Whatever you call it, people with disabilities are hitting the road, the ski slopes, mountain trails and climbing cliffs.
Today’s disabled travelers see travel as a necessity, a right, and not a luxury.

From the blind teenager dreaming of snowboarding to the young women who lost a limb, these gutsy handicapped or physically challenged travelers are seeing the world like the rest of us and are not letting their limits limit them as they travel the world and take part in all kinds of sports.

These are intrepid travelers, those for whom travel presents no insurmountable barrier…and that’s what travel is all about: Crossing frontiers, and the physically challenged or impaired who want to travel… do so.

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  1. good morning:

    I am asking if you are blind. I am blind, I am also a travel agent, many people who are blind have done many things like this including water skiing, surfing, bowling, etc.

    It is the sighted world that has no idea or wants to let blind people do what they want.

    • No, I am not blind…well, not literally. And, yes, probably the sighted world probably has little or no idea what it is to be blind and thus, of course, has little or no idea what matters to the non-sighted.
      But there are some very special people who try!
      Thanks for writing in!
      Best to you

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