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How’s Family Travel Doing?

Families on the Vacation Move

Families on the Vacation Move

How’s Family Travel Doing ?

It seems Family Travel is alive and well a priority even in this dismal economy.

A survey recently conducted by Thomson Family Adventures, though maybe biased, reports that times, families still see family travel as a necessity not a luxury.

Jim Kackley, Manager of Thomson Family Adventures says that travel is not discretionary anymore; rather it has become an integral part of our lives. He thinks that spending money on travel has become as normal as paying the electric bill.

A few key points in the survey:

• Of  677 families asked,  “has your current financial situation caused you to increase, decrease or not change the number of family vacations planned for outside of the US of five nights or more,” 64 (9%) have increased the number of trips and 380 (56%) have kept the number the same.

•  30% said they won’t stop traveling as a family even under the current economic conditions because the kids are growing older and will be leaving home soon.

Most popular Destination:

Well, it isn’t Disney any more.

It seems the most popular region in the world for family trips is Central America with 436 saying Costa Rica was their most likely next destination.

Do see our recent and popular Blog on Nicaragua an up-coming family travel destination on Family Travel Forum

But times are still tough. In August 2008,  34% of the respondents said cost was very important in their decision making process.

In March 2009 this number had grown to 58%.

So, it seems that family travel, though sometimes tough on the budget, is a lifestyle choice not likely to be abandoned.

Skip a few Starbuck’s lattes and save for the next trip perhaps.

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  1. I agree family travel is alive and well ! Even in these tough times, the secret is to build and experience unforgettable vacations that will remain in our memories for a long time. and traveling as a family does just that ! I think if you read my blog, you’ll see just that !

    • travelvideopostcard

      Yes, of course we agree…that’s why we write what we write. Btw, Family Travel Forum (.com) is probably the best family ravel web site on the
      web it you’re interested. We have blog entries there and the really get family values and interests.

      Thanks for writing!

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